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Earl Knightingale's Definition of Success

Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal



It is other humans who have and can give us the things we want or desire. So, good relationships, good communication skills are essential to create OPPORTUNITIES. Releasing Ego is the key element to achieving huge success in a creative way or, in other words, GOD ’s way. Always remember people tend to help the people they love so do your best to create a better you, learn from your mistakes.

If you are not feeling happy right now (in this moment) but still have a burning desire for something, YOU WILL REMAIN in THE SAME feeling AFTER ACHIEVING WHAT YOU WANT. Then, our sincere goal should be achieving Happiness. So the key element here is to find out ways in order to be happy right now. And key to the happiness is; “loving your self in every way and then give love to others unconditionally” .

Remember GOD’s words;  “As within so without”.

Stop JUDDGING yourself and others.

I think this is the biggest teaching I have applied so far. For I know, this single teaching will change your whole life for the better.

We have to VISUALISE in order to realise things.

The visualisation is very important because it generates the “I HAVE“ feeling. And it is the feeling (Being) which puts the law of attraction to work. The best method is to Visualise your goal at night in bed and then fall asleep while you are visualising your goal clearly. Somehow, your mind will be working on the same subject while you are sleeping. Always visualise the end result. Add feelings to it, smell the air if possible, touch the things around you while visualising, have actual conversations in your mind’s eye. Do your best to feel “what it feels like to have what you want” and the best way to do this is, imagine your future self with the thing you want and try to think what your future self thinks about in that particular moment. This simple method will generate the feeling you need, and when you generate that feeling, keep it as much as you can with faith that it is already yours.

In order to CHANGE anything in your life, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE your self first.

In other words, if you are willing to have different results, do something you have never done before, do something different. Eg; You can’t expect others to treat you better unless you treat them good. Remember this GOLDEN RULE as written in the Bible Luke 6:31: “Do to others as you would have them do to you”. Saw good thoughts and reap good results,  only and always / all - ways look for the good in others

GIVE the thing you want to others if you want to have it.

If you want to be beloved, love others more and do it sincerely. If you need help, help others and do it sincerely. If you need more money give more money to the poor and do it sincerely. If you need another chance, give others another chance. And trust the GOD’s promise called KARMA or in an other words “whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” written in the Bible and every other known religion. Do good things, think good thoughts and you will attract good people and pleasing circumstances.

You have to CO-OPERATE with others.

You can’t do it alone for no one did it alone either. Tesla or Edison was not   alone either. Think big, work hard and cooperate.

Make DECISIONS quickly and do not delay.

Even a bad decision is much better than confusion. So start to make decisions about your future life, future self or about your goal. And do your best to stick to that decision which is called PERSISTANCE and DETERMINATION.

Provide SERVICE to others if you want to be rich.

Find out, discover, be aware of your talent. And give service to others because your wage will be in the direct proportion to your service. The better the service the more money you will earn. Don’t concern yourself with the money too much, just be in service. If you go in the creative way, SUCCESS comes first and then money must follow. So, don’t have any doubts.

Act on IDEAS immediately and have COURAGE.

When you set a definite goal and start to think about your goal and work towards it, ideas will flash into your mind. Have Courage, act on your ideas or someone else will do that instead of you.


Take a piece of paper and write what it is you want the most. Clearly define it. Then write why you want it? This will help you to recognise all the opportunities. It will help you attract more ideas. And remember this ultimate secret; “ONE GOAL AT A TIME”. It is the singleness of a goal which makes you move towards your goal and keeps you out of daydreaming.

Do not put a TIME LIMIT.

Just know your wish will be fulfilled at the right time with the right people and for the right reason. Have PATIENCE. Do not rush, it is good to have enough time to rethink about your goal and revise it if necessary.

Finally, remember this as it is written in the Holy Bible, James 2:17 "In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."

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